High Quality General Right Angle,Shaped,Modular Cargo Air Shower Room

High Quality General Right Angle,Shaped,Modular Cargo Air Shower Room
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Usage: Goods shower room is a necessary channel to access goods clean room, which can reduce pollution caused by entering and leaving the clean room installed between clean room and non-clean room as a local purification equipment with strong universality. It is necessary for people and goods to enter air shower room before accessing the clean areas, and the blown fresh air can remove dusts carried by people and goods, so as to effectively resist or reduce dust resources to enter the clean areas.

Goods shower room is used in dust-free workshop and non-dust-free workshop as well as workshop with cleanliness at different level in micro-electronics, photoelectricity, semiconductor, medicine, food, chemical industry, aviation, automobile, printing and laboratories, which can remove dust particles greater than 0.3 micrometer attached to each part of human body when people enter high cleanliness rooms from low cleanliness ones, so as to avoid pollution after people enter into clean rooms.


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