Professional Automatic Induction Fast Shutter Rolling Sliding Induction Translation Door Cargo Shower Design

Professional Automatic Induction Fast Shutter Rolling Sliding Induction Translation Door Cargo Shower Design
Product Details

Usage: Goods shower room is used in clean workshops and fabricated small clean rooms for blowing down dusts attached to human body entering the purification workshop and on the surface of the carried goods; at the same time, the room is also used as air brake to prevent air without purification from entering clean areas, which is an effective equipment to make goods purification and prevent outer air from polluting clear areas.

Goods shower room with automatic door

Product features

1. Automation control: PLC intelligentized control method is taken, and LED display screen on the control panel can properly show operation state of air shower, interlocking of a single door, cycle for air shower and deferred door open, equipped with photoelectric sensor and simplex channel air shower room.

2. Humanism operation: soft key touch and press time relay is equipped with LED display and shower time set up, adjustable between 10 and 99s, and users can adjust showing time based on the difference in the environment outside air shower room.

3. High cleanliness and high air speed: it is equipped with American AFF initial and high effect filtering system, high effect filter without clapboard and low resistance at the filtering rate of 99.99%; the air speed for outlet of tuyere reaches more than 25m/s, and the air speed blowing to human body reaches 18m/s.

4. Modular organization: air shower room is made in modular design, which can be assembled to different air showing lengths based on actual needs. A set of air shower room is composed of one piece or more pieces of air showering units; air showering at large volume can be dismantled into many modules, which is convenient for production, transportation and installation.


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