High Performance Automatic Control Portable Modular Air Shower to Clean Room

High Performance Automatic Control Portable Modular Air Shower to Clean Room
Product Details

Working principle for air shower room

Clean air flow after being filtered through high effect filter can spray to human body from different directions with rotating the nozzle, so as to effectively remove dust particles. Dust particles after being removed can be recycled to air shower area through initial and high effect filters. In order to realize the best effect of showering, the air speed at outlet of the nozzle can reach at least 22m/s, while the air speed for blowing to human body is 18m/s at minimum; the initial air showering time for delivery is set up to 10s, Air shower room is designed with modularized assembly method, which can be assembled to different air showering lengths according to actual needs.

Main technical parameters for air shower room

Materials available for case body of air shower room: 1. stainless steel case body; 2. stainless steel liner; 3. ultraviolet sterilization lamp; 4. static electricity removal device; 5. automatic door/high speed roller shutter door.

Features of air shower room:
1.Singlechip micro programming controller and smart voice prompt system are equipped, which can make voice prompt from the control system to make people complete the whole showering for dust removal, and the humanized voice prompt makes people feel warm.
2.LED display screen can clearly indicate showering time and the status. Shower time can be adjusted between 0 and 99s.
3.Soft key light touch adjustment switch is designed with beautiful appearance and long service life, which is easy for cleaning.
4.Infrared ray photoelectric automatic inductive switch controls the showering, which can avoid fore blowing when there are no people.


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