High Quality Automatic Cleanroom,purifying Air Shower Clean Room,air Shower Chamber

High Quality Automatic Cleanroom,purifying Air Shower Clean Room,air Shower Chamber
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Air shower room is used in clean workshops and fabricated small clean rooms for blowing dusts attached to human body entering the purification workshops and on the surface of the carried goods; at the same time, the room is also used as air brake to prevent air without purification from entering clean areas. Air shower room is effective equipment for purification of human body and prevention of outer air from polluting the clean areas.

Principles of air shower room: air in the air shower room enters into plenum chamber through initial effect filter under the effect of fan, and after being filtered through high efficiency air filter, fresh air is erupted at high speed from nozzle of the air shower room, and the nozzle angle can be adjusted; air shower room can effectively remove dusts attached to human body or surface of the carried goods, and the dust blown down can be recycled into initial effect air filter. The cycling in air shower room can realize the purpose for air shower.
Usage: air shower room is a purification device used for purifying operation personnel before entering clean room, which can remove dusts attached to personnel entering the clean rooms through high speed clean flow. When operation personnel enters into the air shower room, automatic voice controller may give a hint to complete the whole showering process, and direction for nozzle of the room can be adjusted to effectively remove dusts attached to human body and resist outer pollutants to enter clean areas. Air shower room can be used for showering of large-scale goods.

Materials available for case body of air shower room: 1. stainless steel case body; 2. stainless steel liner; 3. ultraviolet sterilization lamp; 4. static electricity removal device; 5. automatic door/high speed roller shutter door.

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