High Quality Stainless Steel Large Capacity Single Multi Person Double Hair Color Plate Air Shower

High Quality Stainless Steel Large Capacity Single Multi Person Double Hair Color Plate Air Shower
Product Details

It is local purification equipment with strong universality, installed at partition between clean room and non-clean room for dust removal before people or goods enter into clean areas, which can effectively reduce dusts to enter clean areas, equipped with air brake function to prevent invasion of non-clean air. It is effective for purification of human body and goods as well as preventing outdoor air from polluting clean areas, so as to ensure the clean areas in normal working state.

Air shower room is designed with PLC control and equipped with infrared detection device, which can realize automatic cycle showering and interlocking of both doors for entering and leaving through photoelectric sensor with automatic closing, which is convenient for people (goods) to enter and leave.

Goods shower room adopts with chassis and threshold-free design, which is convenient for goods entering and leaving.

Three types of materials for air shower room:

Air shower for colored steel sandwich plate

Air shower for coating of carbon steel sheet surface

Full stainless steel plate air shower

Two types of functions for air shower room:

People shower room

Goods shower room

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