Cleanroom Ventilation

Cleanroom ventilation introduction FFU is all called fan filter unit. A modular end-supply device with power and filtration efficiency. The air is inhaled from the top of the FFU and filtered by HEPA. The clean air after filtration is evenly distributed through the air at 0.45m/s/s.FFU has long...

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FFU is all called fan filter unit. A modular end-supply device with power and filtration efficiency. The air is inhaled from the top of the FFU and filtered by HEPA. The clean air after filtration is evenly distributed through the air at 0.45m/s/s.FFU has long working hours, low noise, no maintenance, small vibration, stepless speed regulation, uniform wind speed and convenient installation.FFU can be used for modular connection, which makes FFU widely used in dust-free room, dust-free operation table, dust-free production line, assembly type dust-free room and local hundred level applications. The FFU is part of the fan module and the lower part is the filter. According to the cleanliness requirement, the filter can be a high efficiency (HEPA) or ultra high efficiency (ULPA) filter for different grades to provide clean air for clean rooms.

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Air purification

There are four sources of pollution in the clean room:

①dust and bacteria in the air as well as dust particles and microorganism brought from fresh air in the purification air conditioning system;

②dust generated by operator;

③dust generated from building envelope and facilities; ④ dust generated during production of equipment and products.

In order to ensure the air cleanliness required by production environment or clean rooms for other uses, indoor decoration materials and instruments with few dusts generated and difficult for breading microorganism have been used, and air filtration method is adopted for technology, while air filters in different performances are set up in each part of the air supply system; when fresh air is sent in the clean room by the blowing-in system, suspended particles and microorganism will be removed by the air filters.


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4. Q: Can I mix different models in one container?

A: Yes, different models can be mixed in one container, but the quantity of each model should not be less than MOQ.