Medical Multiple Specifications Sterile Level 1 2 III 4 Operating Room

Medical Multiple Specifications Sterile Level 1 2 III 4 Operating Room
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Clean room (area) refers to the room (definite space) with control on concentration of suspended particles and bacteria contained in the air; it is necessary to reduce introduction, generation and retention of particles in the room during construction and use of the room (space); other relevant parameters in the rooms (space), such as temperature, relative moisture and pressure, shall be controlled based on requirements.

It is essential to prepare and select proper solutions for clean air in the field of air purification technology and air filtration. When dust-free clean production environment is planned to be created, and when healthy and comfortable indoor air is under expectation, only high quality and comprehensive solutions for air filtration system and supporting high quality air filter will bring you a safe and reliable protection.

As a “positive pressure” environment, laminar flow operating room has different air pressure based on different requirements on cleanliness in different areas (such as operation room, sterility preparation room, scrubbing room and surrounding clean area, etc.).

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