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A Brief Description of Compound Forms in Purification Engineering

May 09, 2019

Overview of Purification Engineering?

In terms of the complex form in the purification project, in fact, the turbulent flow type and its laminar flow type should be combined or combined to provide local ultra-clean air. First of all, it refers to the Clean Tunnel in the purification project, which generally covers 100% of the process area or work area with HEPA or ULPA filters. In this way, the cleanliness level can be improved to more than 10 levels.


For such a purification project, to a large extent, it is actually able to save the installation and operation of the use. For this type of work, it is necessary to isolate the workspace of the homework staff from the product and machine maintenance. In this way, to a large extent, it is possible to avoid the impact of machine maintenance on the work and its quality. In ULSI process, this type is mostly used.


In the compound purification project, for the clean tunnel, it is easy to expand the elasticity of gas death; then we should pay attention to the maintenance of equipment, in fact, it can be executed in the maintenance area at leisure.


In fact, there will be a clean pipeline in the purification project, which can encapsulate and purify the automatic production line through which the product process passes. It is precisely because of this, in fact, it can raise the cleanliness level to over 100. Because of the isolation between the product and the instructor as well as their dusting environment, even a small amount of air supply can achieve a good cleanliness, which can save energy to a certain extent, without the need for manual automated production line for the most appropriate use.


In the complex form of purification engineering, it is actually to install a local clean room. When the cleanroom level in the purification project is between 10,000 and 100,000 turbulent cleanrooms, the cleanliness level in the purification project in the product process area will also be improved to 10 to 1000 levels for production purposes; as far as the clean workbench, its clean workbench and clean air cabinet are concerned, they belong to this category.www.wxrfcleanroom.com