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A brief description of the performance and application characteristics of...

Jan 16, 2018

In some working occasions, some of them are sometimes higher in cleanliness, and a clean laminar cover can be used at this time. The device can provide a local clean environment and can be installed flexibly above the craft point requiring Gao Jie's cleanliness. The user can choose a single use or combine multiple laminar covers.


1. The application of the 100 grade laminar flow cover:

From the present application, the 100 grade clean laminar cover has played an important role in many fields. It can be applied to the fields of electronics, medicine, national defense, technology and bioengineering. It belongs to the ideal equipment to achieve high purification level in low purification area. That is to say, the device can get the environment of the local Gao Jie net under the low cleanliness environment.


The local work environment to achieve 100, can be independently formed air return system or in connection with the pipeline system, the purification area of flexible configuration and low noise centrifugal fan and a damping device, installation form of suspension or support, the use of high-quality 304 stainless steel, solid structure, electrical system is safe and reliable, widely used in electronics, medicine, national defense, science and technology, bio engineering and other fields, is in low purification area to achieve the ideal equipment of high purification level requirements.


2. The application range of the 100 grade laminar flow cover:

At the same time, the structure is analyzed. In fact, the structure of the 100 grade laminar flow cover is strong, so it can meet the requirements of different use. At present, it is mainly applied to the operation rooms of precision electronic devices, and can also be used for the safety washing and sealing line of Pharmaceutical Workshop, or the production line of antibiotic bottles, washing, drying and sealing, so as to meet the requirements of cleanliness.


3. Performance characteristics of a hundred level laminar flow cover:

The device is very flexible and convenient in practical application. It can be used as a separate device, and can also be used to combine a number of clean laminar cover. As a whole, the clean laminar cover is not only more economical and more economical, but also efficient, easy to install and low operating cost.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/