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A good way to use a clean workbench

Jul 19, 2018

The clean workbench is a local purification unit used in sterile, dust free, purifying environment, in the fields of medicine, hygiene, biological engineering and scientific experiments. Air through the top and rear air filter and low noise centrifugal fan pressure into the static pressure box, through the high efficient air filter in the upper side of the uniform blow out, the formation of high level of level or vertical air curtain, the removal of the original natural air in the working area, thus achieve the ideal high purification space.


The site of the clean table should be in a cleaner studio, plug in the power supply and open it according to the function shown on the control panel. Before opening the machine, the working area and shell of the purification table should be carefully cleaned, the surface dust is removed, and the normal operation can be carried out in ten minutes after the machine is opened.


According to the actual use, the first effect filter in the clean worktable is removed and cleaned regularly. The clean worktable is usually updated in time after eighteen months. When replacing the clean worktable high efficiency air filter, we should pay attention to the correct size and size of the model and the direction of the arrowhead, and should pay attention to the surrounding seal of the filter. No leakage occurs.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/