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Acceptance items for clean transmission windows and their role in cleaning rooms

Jun 21, 2018

At the time of acceptance of the clean transmission window, the first thing to pay attention to is whether its appearance requirements are standard, the standard requires that the appearance of the clean transmission window should be smooth and clean, the surface color is uniform, no obvious scratches, rust spots and indentation; the characters and graphic symbols of the function should be correct, clear, correct and firm; pass the window box. The welding of the body should meet the requirements of the corresponding surface smoothness; the location of the external fittings is reasonable, and the joints and pipelines are reliable.


When the appearance of the clean transmission window reaches the standard, when the performance parameters are detected, the cleanliness in the channel should meet the requirements of the user. When the user has no special requirements, the cleanliness should not be less than 7 levels in the GB50073; and the number of air exchange in the transmission window should not be less than 50 times.


Clean transmission window is mainly used to transfer small pieces between clean area and clean area, clean area and unclean area, so as to reduce the number of opening of clean room and reduce the cross pollution between clean areas to the maximum. The transmission window is composed of a left box body, a right box body, an upper box body, a lower box body, an inner wall, an ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and a transmission window double door structure.


The clean transmission window can be divided into electronic interlocking transmission window and mechanical interlocking transmission window according to the interlocking mode. The so-called double door interlocking is only one door at one time. After opening a door, the other door can not open. If the transmission window is differentiated according to whether there is any purification function, it can be divided into ordinary medical transfer window and medical laminar flow transmission window.


A clean room can control the temperature, humidity, lighting and other factors. It is controlled by the concentration of suspended particles. Its construction and use makes the rooms with the least particles entering, producing and staying indoors. The process of clean transmission windows in the clean room must also comply with the regulations.


Before entering the clean area, the logistics must pass through the clean transmission window. It first enters the clean area through the clean transfer window after the removal of the outer packing room, and then enters the packing room through the clean transmission window to ensure the cleanliness of the whole production process.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/