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Acceptance process and inspection items of clean room engineering

Dec 25, 2018

After the clean room project is completed, the preliminary acceptance test will be carried out. The items often need to be tested are wind speed, ventilation times, humidity, temperature, pressure difference, etc. After the initial inspection is qualified, the construction unit shall be submitted for completion and acceptance. According to the testing status, the acceptance of clean room engineering can be divided into empty state, static state and dynamic state. The inspection at the completion acceptance stage should be carried out in the air or static state, generally in the air state, while the inspection at the functional acceptance stage should be carried out in the static state.


The empty acceptance of the clean room project is that the facilities have been built, all the power is connected and operated, but there are no production equipment, materials and personnel. The testing items include the complete set of clean room equipment, installation quality, differential pressure, air flow characteristics, surface cleanliness, sealing of maintenance structure and so on.


Static acceptance of clean room project is that facilities have been built, production equipment has been installed and started to operate, but no production personnel; the main items are whether the division of clean areas meets the requirements; determine the self-purification time parameters; determine the stability of temperature and humidity; determine the cleanliness level according to the number of particles; determine the pressure difference, illumination, noise level; visually check the air flow and check the number of ventilation.


The dynamic acceptance of the clean room project is that the facilities have been operated in the prescribed state, with the prescribed personnel present and in the agreed state. Testing items include validating the clean room partition system, evaluating the ability to keep temperature and relative humidity within the prescribed range, validating pressure difference, checking the complete set of clean room operating documents, and whether inspectors have been trained, etc.www.wxrfcleanroom.com