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Advantages and Operation Requirements of FFU Purification Unit

Jun 19, 2019

In general, the laminar flow hood of FFU purification unit will effectively adopt its imported environmental protection aluminium-zinc clad sheet in the process of manufacturing. FFU purification unit is very corrosion-resistant and never rusty in use. The equipment is light and strong, and the imported anti-static multi-wing energy-saving fan is used when the equipment is in use.


FFU purification unit is effectively equipped with three speed regulating switches, which are high, medium and low grade, with large air volume. During the operation of the equipment, its ultra-low noise is 45 decibels, the maximum is 52 decibels, the wind pressure is uniform and stable, the wind speed on the surface is uniform and stable, and the power consumption is low.


The upper part of the FFU purification unit is made into a slope shape, which can effectively divert the flow to a certain extent, so as to have an idea of the flow and uniform distribution of the air, while the FFU generally relies on other ways to balance the air flow.


FFU purification unit will have many advantages in the process of using. When using the equipment, it can make the replacement of filter more convenient, reduce the labor intensity in the process of installation, increase the sealing of FFU, and effectively prevent leakage.


The current used in FFU purification unit is AC motor and DC motor. The volume of DC motor is relatively large. In the process of manufacturing, the cost is relatively large, the control is easy to achieve, and the energy consumption is high. AC motors are small in size and low in cost. Control needs corresponding technology and low in energy consumption.www.wxrfcleanroom.com