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Air filter cartridge description and understanding of oil mist

Jan 23, 2018

The air filter is a filter, I believe we are not unfamiliar, because it is widely used, and in some areas or in the industry, it is also frequently used, and it is necessary to knowledge and understanding, so, in order to correct and reasonable use, and play the role of the air filter, and value.


1. Price comparison and influence factors of air filter

If the price of air filter is used for different purposes, it will affect its specific price, because it has different prices when it is applied to the inlet and piping of air compressor, and it depends on whether it is made in China or imported. In addition, in different models and levels, there are also different prices.


2. Material and classification of filter core in air filter

In the air filter, the filter core used in the filter, in general, is for paper, chemical fiber, activated carbon and PP material and so on. And, for us, these are commonly used materials, so they are more common. In addition, its specific division is mainly based on the use of medium, because only in this way can we have accurate division.


3. Oil mist device in air filter

The oil mist device in the air filter, in detail, is a component. Its function is to add the required lubricant into the components of the air filter, so as to achieve the purpose of lubrication. Therefore, it can be said to be a special oil injection device, which is the atomization of the lubricating oil so as to achieve the purpose of lubrication. Moreover, it has more applications, therefore, it should be paid attention to and can not be taken lightly.


4. MERV11 this air filter specification

MERV11, which is one of the air filter specifications in the United States, has different conditions on the specific parameters. If it is for 1 3um particles, efficiency is 65 < E2 < 80. If it is for 3 10um particles, efficiency is 85 less than E3. However, the final resistance is certain, it is for 250Pa.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/