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Air filter efficiency representation and replacement judgment and how to debug

Mar 08, 2018

Air filters, which are one of the filters, are widely used. Therefore, this kind of filter must be thoroughly and fully understood, because it is the prerequisite and necessary condition for the correct and rational use. Therefore, based on this, next, we will explain this kind of filter related knowledge, so that everyone can grasp it in time and apply it flexibly in actual work.


1. air filter, is it available, or in any case, can be used?

Air filter is a cleaning equipment which is used more. It has certain usage conditions. If it is not satisfied, it cannot be used. The conditions of its use are as follows:


We need to know the direction of air and whether it is convenient for air blowdown. We also need to estimate the capacity of air filter to determine whether it is applicable to the actual environment. In addition, at the filter level, it is from low to high, not from high to low.


2. how to debug the air filter?

The specific contents of the air filter are as follows:


The operation time of the air filter should not be less than 10 hours. In the process of its use, the use of professional testing equipment to determine whether the filter has a good air purification effect. If the problem is found, further inspection and debugging are required. If, after debugging is still unable to meet the requirements of use, then, it is necessary to consider whether the selection of products is appropriate.


3. how to determine if the air filter needs to be replaced with a new one?

The air filter, the use of a period of time, want to know whether it can continue to use, or the need to replace the new, is to be judged, and the judge, it is mainly to see the use of filters, and, if necessary, but also some special detection, to obtain accurate results.


4. how to divide the efficiency of the air filter?

Air filter, this filter, in efficiency division, first, is to know its basis or standard, and how to express. If the concentration of dust in filtered gas is expressed by the weight concentration, the efficiency of the filter is the weight efficiency, if it is the counting concentration, it is the counting efficiency. As for other physical quantities, it is for colorimetric efficiency or turbidity efficiency. Among them, the counting efficiency is more used.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/