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Air filter industry standards and components design considerations

Jul 21, 2017

The filter of AIR filter, from the current view, air filter, industrial applications are very broad, so it is necessary to know and understand, so that when encountered in the actual work, can know how to use correctly, not know nothing about it, in turn, affect the use of air filter and use effect. Therefore, based on this point, the following will be carried out and carried out in several specific aspects to achieve the above purposes. Air filter refers to air filtration unit, which is generally used in clean workshop, clean room, clean operating room, laboratory and clean room, or used in electronic mechanical communication equipment and other dust proof. There are five types of first filter, medium effect filter, high school filter, subhigh efficiency and high efficiency filter. Various models have different standards and use efficiency.

1.Industry standards for air filters

On air filter, have the relevant industry standards, so that the designers for reference, such as to ensure the product quality and using effect, so, for us, is to have a clear understanding.So, the criteria that it contains, mainly include the following, for example:

GB/T 13554-2008 High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter                

GB/T 14295-2008 Air Filter

GB/T 6165-2008 High efficiency air filter performance test method, efficiency and resistance

JB/T 6417-1992 Air conditioners use air filters

JB/T 7374-1994 Technical conditions of pneumatic air filter

JG/T 22-1999 General ventilation and air filter performance test method

2.Air filter, flow channel and guide plate design, What needs to be noticed´╝č

Air filter on this kind of filter, the flow channel and guide plate is one of the important parts, so, in their design, should pay attention to, cannot careless, and there are some of the major considerations

Notes on the design of the air filter runner, for example

(1)The inlet area of the filter inlet should be expanded as far as possible, and it should be between 1.5 and 2 times the aperture area

(2)The flow is in length, not too long. And, in order to meet the strength requirements, move it up as far as possible, and close the air inlet.

The design of air filter deflector is mainly concerned

The Angle of the guide plate should be fit, not too large or too small, the strength of the blade should be able to meet the requirements, and the flow area should be sufficient.In addition, in its installation, must be strong and reliable, can not show loose and other problems, while in the spin up, left or right hand can, however, generally has more left handed.