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Air filter is air filter and compression installation instructions

Mar 22, 2018

Air filter, from its attributes, is one of the kinds of filters, mainly used to filter and purify the air, so that it can get clean air and can be used directly. So, now that we know and use this attribute, a filter below, may wish to continue to understand and familiar with Strike while the iron is hot., and so, can also use air filter, has good usage effect and economic benefit.


1. in the clean project, are different grades of air filters available?

In the clean project, not all grade air filters are applicable, generally speaking, the application level is for the high efficiency air filter. And this kind of air filter can also be used in some special situations, as well as in the process air supply system.


2. what we often say is "air filter", is it a air filter?

We often say "air filter", not the air filter, but the air filter. However, they are similar to air filters. They are used for air filtration, removing dust and impurity particles in air, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying air.


3. air filter, what technology does it use?

From a professional point of view, the air filter is a technology of filtration and separation, which is used to remove dust particles and microbes in the air, and achieve through filter material, so as to ensure that the wind can meet the cleanliness requirements. Furthermore, on the object of use of this filter, only the medium of air, not the other medium.


4. compressed air filter, is it to be installed vertically on the installation?

The compressed air filter, which is one of the air filters, is sure to ensure the vertical installation on the installation. Moreover, we must correctly connect the inlet and outlet of the filter according to the direction of identification in the product, so that we can ensure the normal operation of the air filter and its proper use effect.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/