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Air filter main applications and automotive air filter requirements

Feb 28, 2018

The air filter is a filter, explain below will continue its related knowledge, or is difficult to answer the question, because, to the proper use and reasonable use of this kind of filter, then, is to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of it, otherwise, can not achieve this purpose. Moreover, it is also helpful to improve the performance and use of the air filter, and can avoid some unnecessary problems or trouble.


1. what are the main applications of the air filter? Is there only one kind of air filter produced by its manufacturers?


The main applications of air filters are clean workshops, workshops, laboratories and clean rooms. So, it's a kind of air cleaning device. And the manufacturer, in the type of production, can not be the only air filter, there will be some related products. Moreover, the air filter has the first effect, the medium effect and the high efficiency, so it can not be single on the type of the product.


2. the application of air filter, in addition to air purification, is there any other? Is there a limit on the number of cleaning?


The application of air filter can also be used for dust control in electronic, mechanical and communication equipment besides the air purification of clean workshop and workshop. The cleaning number of this filter, if it is a special type, can be cleaned several times, not only once. However, from the present point of view, the number of cleaning of the filter is still limited.


3. what are the specific requirements for the air filter?


The specific requirements of the automobile air filter are mainly as follows:


(1) in the filtering effect, it is very good, can remove the larger particles in the air in the car, and then reduce the number of particles. On the engine, it should have a certain protective effect, so that the engine has a good air-fuel ratio, and then, to reduce the filtration loss.

(2) the filter has a larger filter area and a high ash volume, and has a long service life. So, to a certain extent, it can reduce the cost and cost of operation. In addition, its structure is compact, so, if the installation space is small, it can also be installed normally.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/