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Air filter pressure difference embodying substance and waterproof...

Jan 20, 2018

Air filter is a kind of filter, because it is widely used, and it can be used for some specific purposes. Therefore, if it is used correctly, it can make good use of the result and achieve the desired purpose. Therefore, in order to achieve the above, below, the knowledge of this kind of filter will be understood and mastered so as to make full use of the learning time.


1. Leak test of high efficiency filter in air filter

Air filter is a kind of high efficiency filter, and its leak test is mainly to check whether there are any omissions, so that it can be used correctly. And the testing device or equipment that it will use is the two of the aerosol photometer and particle counter. Among them, the former is used more, which is made up of vacuum pump, light scattering room, photomultiplier, signal processing converter and microprocessor.


In addition, when the filter installation is complete or replace, but also for the leak test, so the cleanliness requirements in order to ensure the cleaning of the room.


2. What does the pressure difference in the air filter actually reflect? In addition, the installation of the filter frame, is it necessary to look at the related drawings?

The pressure difference of air filter actually reflects the resistance size of the filter, so if you want to measure, the two ports of the differential gauge should be on both sides of the filter so that accurate data can be obtained. Besides, what we need to know is that the initial pressure difference in air conditioning system varies with the different types of air filters. The initial effect is 60Pa and the median efficiency is 80Pa.


If we want to install the air filter framework, we can refer to the relevant drawings, and this is also very easy for us to do, so that we can avoid unnecessary mistakes or mistakes.


3. Waterproof performance of air filter

For the air filter, its waterproof performance, in particular, is to filter the moisture in the air. However, it should be noted that if the air is too wet, it will affect the filtration effect and quality of the filter, and there will also be problems of dampness and clogging.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/