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Air filters: different types, specific uses and important parameters

Nov 12, 2018

Air filter, which is a specific type of filter, can be seen in many industries and fields, because it has a wide range of applications. Therefore, based on this point, the next step is to study the air filter, to master its professional knowledge and apply it flexibly to practical work.


1. Are there different types of air filters for different purposes?

Air filters, which can be reclassified, can be divided into three categories: initial, intermediate and high efficiency according to the filter grade, and these three types of air filters correspond to different purposes. The primary filter is used in dust removal and filtration treatment, the intermediate filter is used in air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems, and the high efficiency filter is used in each of them. In the cleanliness or purification works of the industry.


2. Is air permeability and waterproof performance of air filters important?

Air permeability and water repellent properties of air filters are two important aspects and should not be ignored. Because, if the air filter permeability is not good, it will affect the air compressor's suction, prone to blockage and other problems as well as increase power consumption, and if the air filter waterproofing performance is not good, it is easy to be damped, and then, there are blockage and other problems and increase energy consumption, as well as increase product costs. Therefore, the filter is required to have good air permeability and waterproof performance.


3. Why must pre filter be used before the high efficiency air filter?

This is because air filters can be used in various local purification equipment, as well as in crystallization plant, under normal temperature, pressure and humidity conditions for air purification. And the high efficiency air filter, which is a specific type of air filter, must have a pre-filter in use, in order to reduce the workload of this filter, and then to extend its service life.


4. Is the initial resistance of air filters important?

Initial resistance of air filters refers to the air flow resistance when the filters are manufactured and operated according to the rated air flow rate given by the product samples before they are used. The purpose of analyzing and discussing this parameter is to correctly understand the initial resistance and the final resistance in the purification project so that the air filters can be used. Smooth and normal work.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/