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Air flow characteristics of clean works in purification workshop

Feb 07, 2018

As for the tests carried out in the cleaning workshop, the inspection of the airflow in the clean engineering is also included. As a component of the whole testing procedure, the state of the airflow will play an important decisive role in the clean engineering.


In order to dilute or eliminate the suspended pollution in the purification workshop, and prevent the accumulation of pollution in the indoor area, we must design adequate airflow in the clean Engineering of the room. In a turbulent clean room, the transport and mixing of the wind are carried out in a turbulent flow. In order to ensure that the pollutants are removed, all parts of the dust free workshop must be well mixed with air.


In a one-way flow purification workshop, in order to ensure that the key areas reach the desired level of cleanliness, the air supply is directly from the high efficiency filter. In the clean workshop, clean engineering should maintain uniform air flow in the vertical laminar flow. In order to achieve this goal, it is not only required that the wind speed of the blowing surface can not be varied at speed, but also the speed of the suction surface of the floor return air can not be varied.


For purifying workshop, there are many factors that affect its clean Engineering airflow, such as process equipment, personnel, clean room assembly materials, lighting appliances, etc. at the same time, the diversion point above the production equipment will also be included.


For example, the clean air purification workshop project, the operation or production equipment on the surface of the diversion point, should be in the clean room space and partition plate spacing 2/3, so you can make the workers work, the airflow from the internal flow operation process, and will take away the dust.