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Air Showers Method of operation

May 22, 2017

Air shower are used PLC intelligent, is used for drugs, vegetables, raw and cooked food finishing and precision instruments, electronic equipment, assembly workshop necessary purification equipment. Today, Xiao Bian teach you how to operate the air shower room.


General cargo room

  1. press the power control panel on the power button, turn on the power, air shower lighting daylight.

  2. personnel into the air shower, the fan began to send air, air shower personnel can enter the room closed before and after the door, began to lethal. After a certain period of time, the time relay cut off the fan power, stop the air. If the time off the device out of control, air shower personnel after the end of the air pressure press the room to stop the button, cut off the power.


    Modular Clean room

    3.if you continue to wind, the former air shower personnel after the completion of the wind, do not have to press the indoor power to stop the button; after a leeward personnel into the wind before, as long as the press the air control button, you can enter the indoor air shower The
    4.air shower front and rear doors can not be opened at the same time to prevent non-purified air pollution purification work area.
    5.please in accordance with the air shower on the posts marked the installation, air outlet can not be placed upside down, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.