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Air Volume Adjustment of Air Conditioning System in Food Sterile Room

Dec 06, 2018

The purpose of air volume adjustment of air conditioning system in food aseptic room is to make the air treated by air conditioning equipment can be fed into each air conditioning room along the main pipe, branch pipe and branch pipe according to the design requirements, and discharged and partially reused according to the requirements, so as to provide a good guarantee for the establishment of the temperature and humidity environment needed for food aseptic room.


For a food sterile room air conditioning system, if the air leakage problem is not considered, the total air flow from the air supply fan should be distributed along the main and branch pipes of the system as well as the air supply outlets according to the design requirements or actual needs. Therefore, the total air flow from the air supply outlets of each room is equal to the total air supply volume, and the total air return from the air return fan is inhaled. The volume should be equal to the sum of the measured air volume at the return air outlet of each room.


There are many methods to adjust air volume, such as equal flow ratio distribution method, benchmark tuyere method and branch-by-branch adjustment method. Among them, equal flow ratio distribution method is gradually adjusted from the farthest pipe section to the fan section. The benchmark tuyere method is based on the tuyere air volume with the lowest ratio of system air volume to design air volume, and adjusts other tuyeres. The whole method. The sectional branch-by-branch adjustment method is to start with the fan, adjust the air supply volume of the fan to 5%-10% larger than the designed total air volume at first, then adjust the two furthest branches of the fan to approach the designed air volume in turn, adjust the most disadvantageous loop to approximate balance, then adjust the other nearest branches, and finally adjust the total air volume to make it close to the designed air volume. Design air volume.www.wxrfcleanroom.com