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Analysis of cleaning company's use of return air inlet in clean Engineering

Nov 24, 2018

Air quality is the first problem to be solved in the implementation of clean engineering plan in purification company. There are many factors affecting indoor air quality, such as fresh air volume, function of equipment and engineering technology level, etc. Air quality should be controlled from every link, especially the use of return air outlet.


Purification companies found that in many clean air-conditioning places, a layer of nylon mesh is usually installed at the return air outlet; a layer of metal mesh filter is added at the return air outlet; even without any filtering, it is impossible to achieve the desired filtering effect.


Summarize experience in purification, clean Engineering, power increases air returningfilter helps to avoid different pollutants with workshop pollution, and extend the using life of HEPA filter. Return air filter equipment convenient range apart replacement, does not affect the entire air conditioning system operation, convenient and lax management and control.


Nowadays, there are many kinds of filter materials on the market, which can meet the power requirements of most clean rooms. Purification companies have reformed the structure of air conditioning purifying return air outlet, developed new products, replaced filters easily, increased the power of return air filtering, and ensured the service life and heat transfer power of the equipment.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/