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Application of Air Shower in Clean Room of Optical Film

May 16, 2017

The air shower is a common facility in the optical film cleanroom. Optical thin films are mainly composed of thin layered media, which propagate light beams through the interface. Nowadays, optical thin films have been widely used in the field of Optics and optoelectronics, producing various optical instruments. The optical film is characterized by its smooth surface and the geometric separation between the layers. The film refractive index can jump at the interface, but the film is continuous, can be a transparent medium, can also be a medium absorption of optical thin film; can be normal uniform, can also be used to uneven. The actual application of the film is much more complex than the ideal film. This is because the optical and physical properties of the films deviate from the bulk materials when they are prepared. The surface and interface of the films are rough, which results in diffuse scattering of the beams, and the diffusion of the interface between the layers. Because of the growth, structure and stress of the film, the anisotropy of the film is formed and the film has complicated time effect.

According to the application of optical thin film is divided into reflective film, antireflection film, optical filter film, protective film, polarizing film, beam splitter and phase film. Commonly used are the first 4. An optical reflective film used to increase specular reflectivity is used to make reflective, refractive and resonant cavities. An optical antireflection coating is deposited on the surface of an optical element to reduce surface reflection and to increase transmission of an optical system, also known as an antireflective film. Optical filter films are used for spectral or other optical separation, and they have many kinds and complex structures. An optical protective film is deposited on a surface of metal or other soft, easily eroded material or film to increase its strength or stability and to improve its optical properties. The most common is the protective film on the metal mirror.

The main reason for the use of the air shower in the optical film workshop is that the cleanliness of the optical film workshop is high, and the optical film can not be a little dusty. Into the optical film production workshop, everyone must change to the clothes, hats, shoes and masks worn by the workers when they work. We are wrapped tightly, only a pair of eyes exposed. To go through a "wind shower room" to "dust", everyone was blown out of the wind blowing clean room, all over "bath" again. The shower room is one of the necessary purification equipment employees entering the clean room and non clean room, it can minimize the pollution problems caused by the staff out of the clean room, to play a role in the management of optical film workshop. In other specific clean workshop, also equipped with more than 100 level super clean work station production line.