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Application value analysis of clean sheds for clean technology

Apr 28, 2018

The clean shed usually refers to the use of an antistatic grid curtain in the clean room or a small space area of the organic glass. Above it, HEPA and FFU air supply units are generally used to make up a relatively high level of purification in a relatively clean room. In practical application, dust-free clean shed can be equipped with air purification room, transmission window and other purification equipment to meet the requirements.


In the process of using the clean shed, the general users are more concerned about three problems, one is the material problem, the second is the cost problem, and the third is the level problem. First of all, the material includes the stainless steel square, the lacquer lacquer and the industrial aluminum. The top can be made of stainless steel plate, lacquer cold plastic steel plate, antistatic grid curtain and acrylic organic glass. Around the main use of anti-static grid curtain or plexiglass, air supply parts are generally used FFU clean air supply unit.


Secondly, in the analysis of the cost problem, because the clean shed is generally built in the clean room, it is not necessary to consider the air shower room, the transmission window and air conditioning system. The overall cost is more economical for the users. Of course, in actual work, the specific cost is also related to the material, size and cleanliness of the equipment itself. Therefore, users need to consider comprehensively when choosing.


In comparison, the cost of the clean shed is about 40% to 60% of the cost of the dust-free workshop. Usually, the larger the area to be cleaned, the smaller the cost will be compared to the cost of the dust-free workshop. Moreover, in different working conditions, the requirement of cleanliness is different, so the level of use is different.


From the current application analysis, the requirements for cleanliness are different in different working conditions. For example, some users will require the level of clean shed to reach 1000 or 10000 level, and some users will choose 100 or 10000 level. Generally speaking, the choice of the level of the clean shed is mainly determined by the customer's need for cleanliness.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/