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Attentions of personnel entering and leaving medical clean workshops

Aug 22, 2018

Man is one of the important pollution sources in the clean workshop of medicine, so to ensure the cleanliness, it is necessary to minimize the pollution caused by the personnel. Generally, the flow of people entering and leaving the medical clean workshop can be summarized as: entry, shoes change / replacement of general area clean clothes, bathing, bake, hand disinfection, hand disinfection, wind shower room, buffer room, clean workshop, buffer room, clean work clothes, shoes and out.


After entering the medical clean workshop, all staff should work in an orderly manner. They should not walk around at will. They should not make any noise. They should pay attention to keeping order and quiet. At least one health examination is carried out every year by the production and related personnel, and the health records are set up. The people who have participated in the new or temporary participation in the work must be examined by health and after the health certificate is obtained.


In short, the quality of drugs is related to personal health, and the production of drugs must be in the prescribed environment of pharmaceutical clean workshop. In the actual construction, the technical, construction and acceptance should be strictly checked to ensure that the medical clean workshop built meets the GMP standard.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/