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Attentions of Purification Company to Construction of Purification Workshop

Jan 02, 2019

Purification companies need to ensure environmental protection and cleanliness in material selection when building purification projects. Generally, galvanized steel plate is used as the nature of the steel plate, and the plate is excellent, not oxidized, can not shell. Other choices should be customized according to the plan to ensure that the construction can be completed with quality and quantity. In different construction materials selection process, attention should be paid to different materials, such as material selection in the laboratory summary, attention should be paid to the smoothness of materials. In the course of transportation of materials, moisture-proof and dust-proof are needed in order to put them into use more quickly in the later period.

The air control work of the purification project set up by the purification company is strict. It is generally carried out in relatively closed rooms. The walls need to be smooth and not easy to produce dust. The floor should be paved with thicker floors, dust-free and pollution-free. For personnel in and out, as well as the clothing and shoes and hats worn in the production process, it is necessary to keep clean and dust-free.

During the manufacture of air ducts, the tools used need to be wiped and disinfected with alcohol. The manufacture of air ducts should be careful and careful. For air ducts with different specifications, the whole board should be made to minimize reinforcing ribs so that they can be put into use more quickly.

For the installation of the purification project and the handling of the related equipment adopted by the purification project, the purification company divides into three processes. The preparation work before the removal needs to install the clean air conditioner first, so as to ensure that it can be put into use as soon as possible. In the process of handling, it is necessary to prevent the contamination of relevant equipment, as well as the damage of equipment caused by vibration, and at the same time to reduce the impact of noise.