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Basic configuration requirements of food dust-free purification engineering

Aug 27, 2018

Food dust-free purification project is mainly to use high-speed clean air blowing to remove dirt from indoor personnel; its nozzle can be adjusted to effectively remove dust from people, and prevent external pollution into the clean area; can also be used in large cargo blowing.


For the whole food clean-up project, the air shower is one of the indispensable clean equipments for the clean kitchen and the equipped clean room, which is used to blow off the dust on the surface of the human body and the articles carried in the clean room. At the same time, the air shower also acts as the cushion of the air lock to prevent the unpolluted air from entering the clean area. It is an effective equipment for purifying the human body and preventing the clean area outside air pollution.


Food purification engineering requires high cleanliness of the production environment. Because the production environment of food products is very humid, it is necessary to select the appropriate disinfectant to kill the bacteria in the air and attached to the human body, equipment, containers and buildings.


In addition to ozone generator elimination equipment, but also for food dust-free purification project QS certification and equipped with air shower and other purification equipment. In addition, the requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention, moisture proof and good airtightness should be fully considered in the selection of high-efficiency filters and lamp holes for food purification projects.