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Basic Requirements for the Environment of Solar Cell Production Workshop

Apr 12, 2019

The construction of solar cell production workshop is to provide reliable environmental conditions for the production of battery-related products. The actual production environment is closely related to the quality of battery products. Proper production environment can improve the performance, yield and reliability of the product, otherwise it will have a greater impact on the production of the product. The basic requirements for the environment of the solar cell workshop are as follows:


1. The air cleanliness of the solar cell workshop should meet the production requirements.


In the solar cell workshop, the air cleanliness mainly represents the air cleanliness of the environment in the workshop. There are two main indicators: the concentration of dust particles in the air and the particle size of dust particles in the air. You should know that the cleanliness of air is one of the most important conditions for battery products. If the air cleanliness is not up to the standard, it will directly pollute the product or workpiece, and affect the performance, yield, reliability and life of the product.


For the solar cell workshop, its ambient air cleanliness is mainly guaranteed through two aspects: one is the basic condition of the clean workshop, which is the building's airproof performance, cleanliness and thermal insulation performance; the other is to ensure the air cleanliness to meet the prescribed requirements by the combined action of the electromechanical systems such as air conditioning and purification on this basis.


2. The environment of solar cell workshop should meet the requirement of constant temperature and humidity of air conditioning.


In fact, the requirement of constant temperature and humidity in the environment of solar cell workshop includes the requirement of temperature, humidity base and allowable range of variation. The temperature and its variation in the workshop have a great influence on the production and operation of battery products. In addition, the humidity of solar cell workshop will also affect the stability of precision electronic equipment and instruments.