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Brief description of the characteristics of air shower room

Mar 28, 2019

Speaking of the air shower room, it is actually a necessary access to the clean room, which can effectively reduce a series of pollution problems when entering and leaving the clean room. In summary, as far as the air shower room is concerned, it is actually a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility, which is directly installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. It can physically prevent unpolluted air from entering clean areas.


Now the air shower room, to a large extent, is actually to achieve full automatic control, there will be electronic interlocking and when it blows, double door lock and infrared induction automatic blower. In addition, it is equipped with stainless semi-glass door automatic closer and transparent windows, as well as a series of software test control and LED display, which can set the blowing time.


To sum up, the air shower room for application now actually has a humanized control panel design. Moreover, on the other hand, it actually has clear indicator lights, which can give clear instructions on the air shower process to a great extent. Next, in fact, there will be a soft-key touch-and-press time relay to facilitate our operation.


The air shower room also has the characteristics of high cleanliness and high wind speed. Simply speaking, it adopts two-stage filtration system of AAF and its high-efficiency filter. In this respect, it actually means that there will be no resistance high-efficiency filter with baffles, and its filtration efficiency is 99.99%. To a certain extent, it ensures the purification level.


Finally, for the air shower room, it is equipped with stainless steel, multi-angle adjusting nozzle. There is also a low-noise fan with large air volume with double volute outer rotor. For its nozzle outlet, the wind speed can reach more than 25m/s. When it blows to human body, its wind speed will actually reach more than 18m/s. In this way, the purifying effect of the air shower chamber will actually have greater protection.