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Calibration conditions and methods for clean worktable

May 07, 2018

The clean workbench can provide partial dust free asepsis and cleaner working environment. Because of this performance, the clean worktable is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, biological, food, electronic, precision instrument, chemical laboratory and other industries. In fact, these industries are closely related to people's health.


Therefore, if the cleaning workbench is abnormal, it will affect the quality of the product, which will also affect people's health. Therefore, periodic calibration is needed to ensure that the equipment is stable and reliable during use. When calibrating, first of all, ensure good calibration conditions. General requirements for calibration of the working environment should be maintained at temperatures of (20 + 5) C and relative humidity of <75%RH. Secondly, we should pay attention to the selection of the suitable calibration instruments, including filter leak detector, dust particle counter, hot ball anemometer, sound level meter, vibrator, and illuminometer.


So, how should I be calibrated? The first is the leak detection, in the process of the calibration of the clean worktable, DOP aerosol (cold smoke) should be detected upstream of the high efficiency air filter, and a sampler is used to scan the leak detector at about 2. 125px downstream of the high efficiency filter, and the inspection speed is not more than 125px/s. If a leak is found, the leak should be blocked.


Secondly, when calibrating the cleanliness of clean workbench, it is necessary to test five times continuously, and then get the average value. Then the wind speed is detected. Generally, the hot air anemometer is used or the thermistor anemometer is used to measure the wind speed at each point, and the average wind speed is the cross section wind speed. When measuring its noise, we should pay attention to the measurement of noise in the indoor open space, and measure the surface of the hard surface.


Next, we will detect the vibration and lighting conditions of the cleaning worktable in turn. It should be noted that in the calibration process, the clean workbench should be placed on the ground with relatively small vibration to avoid the influence of the surrounding environment. When detecting lighting, three points should be evenly arranged on the transverse center line of the worktable, and illuminance should be measured with illuminometer, and the average value is the measurement result.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/