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Cautions for installation of FFU fan for purifying equipment

Apr 23, 2019

Before using FFU fan filter unit of purification equipment, corresponding installation operation should be carried out, but in the process of installation of purification equipment, relevant matters needing attention should be clarified. For example, especially to be installed on the bracket, so that the local level can achieve its desired effect. In order to make the filtering effect of the fan filter unit better, we must correctly install the fan.


There are many ways to install FFU fan filter unit of purification equipment, including suspension type and landing bracket. Different installation methods, assembly process is different, the effect of filtering air is also different. The suspension type is to install the fan filter unit on the wall, suitable for limited space, while the landing type is to install the fan filter unit on the ground, the installation process is relatively simple, more suitable for larger areas. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reasonable installation method according to the actual situation.


In order to ensure the installation effect, cleaning equipment installation should be clear about the corresponding accessories. When choosing accessories, usually, it is necessary to combine the corresponding use selection, different uses, the selected accessories, there will naturally be some differences.


In addition, when installing the fan, it is necessary to transport the fan to the designated location. In order to reduce the corresponding damage, the unit should be packaged before transportation, and it should be cleaned and dried in time. In addition, when packaging the unit, it should also be moisture-proof and dust-proof treatment. At the same time, in the packaging process, we need to ensure that qualified.www.wxrfcleanroom.com