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Cautions in the Use of Clean Workbench

Apr 25, 2019

Clean worktable power supply mostly uses three-phase four-wire, which has a zero line, connected to the machine shell, should be firmly connected to the ground line, the other three lines are all phase lines, the working voltage is 380V, there is a certain order in the three-wire access circuit, must not be misconnected.


The air inlet of clean workbench is on the back or under the front. There is a common foam plastic sheet or non-woven fabric in the metal mesh cover to block large particles of dust. It should be checked and washed frequently, such as the aging of hair foam plastic, and replaced in time. In addition to the air intake, if there are air leakage holes, should be tightly blocked, such as adhesive tape, cotton plug, glue paper, etc.


The metal net cover on the front of the clean table is a super filter, which can also be replaced. The service life and air cleanliness of the clean worktable are the same. In temperate areas, the clean worktable can be used in general laboratories. It should be put in a better room with double doors. In any case, the intake hood of the clean worktable should not be facing the open door or window to avoid affecting the service life of the filter.www.wxrfcleanroom.com