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Characteristic of Purification Table and Its Application and Management

May 25, 2019

Cleaning table, like transfer window, is also one of the indispensable components of dust-free clean room. It is a kind of cleaning equipment specially designed for the strict requirements of modern industrial technology on cleanliness of working area, and can provide good local clean working area for users'needs.


With the characteristics of high cleanliness and mobile flexibility, purification table has been widely used in various fields of modern industry, especially in important fields such as laboratory, biomedicine, microelectronics, precision instruments and so on. In addition, because the laminar air supply unit module of the purification table can be connected and used, the purification table will become a part of the clean room, the clean production line, the assembled clean room and so on.


From the point of view of structure, the purifying platform generally has two-stage filters of primary and high efficiency. After the fan sucks air from the top of FFU, it will pass through the boiler of primary and high efficiency filters, and the clean air will be sent out uniformly at a certain wind speed on the whole outlet surface.


Since the function of the purification table is so powerful, people still need to use and manage it. For example, every time the purification table is used, the staff must turn on the ultraviolet lamp on it and irradiate it with ultraviolet for 20 minutes before using it. When the purification table is turned on, the ultraviolet lamp can be turned off and the disinfector can be wiped with 75% alcohol or 0.5% peracetic acid spraying. For the table.


In the whole use process of the purification table, every link should be operated according to the aseptic operation rules; after the work is finished, the working table should be wiped with disinfectant, and the ultraviolet lamp should be turned on again for 15 minutes after the power supply is turned off, so as to fully maintain the cleanliness and asepticity of the table and prepare for its next use.www.wxrfcleanroom.com