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Classification and function of high efficiency air vent

Apr 09, 2018

High efficiency air inlet is a very ideal terminal filter device. It has been widely applied to clean air conditioning system in medicine, hygiene, electronics, chemical industry and other industries. It can be said that the high efficiency air vent is used as the terminal filter device for the renovation and new level 1000 to 300000 level clean rooms, and is the key equipment to meet the requirements of purification.


From the point of view of its structure, the main high efficiency air vent is mainly composed of static pressure box, diffuser plate and high efficiency filter. When connected with the wind pipe interface is on the top or side.


High efficiency air vent product classification:


The high efficiency air inlet mainly consists of two series, and two of them belong to the down air supply. The outlet of series I is usually made up of high efficiency filter, high quality steel sheet and aluminum alloy diffuser orifice plate. It is easy to install, reliable and easy to replace filters. The way of takeover can be used up or side connected.


The Series II high efficiency air vent is especially suitable for the restricted air conditioning system in the ceiling space. It can also be divided into two kinds of thin, ultra-thin, belong to a type of outlet, the replacement is convenient, usually only need to remove send soft joints between the wind pipe and outlet pipe hoop can be. The main advantages are: the box structure is simple and reliable, the ventilation is strong, the air supply is uniform, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance is simple.


High efficiency air vent function introduction:


The high efficiency air supply can make the airflow distribution more uniform in the environment, and it can be applied to clean rooms with different cleanliness and various maintenance structures, and all of them can achieve good results. The main material for its tuyere is carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate and plastic. The high efficiency air vent can also be used for the air supply of the roof of the non-uniform clean room. And the form of its diffuser is varied, beautiful, smooth, and uniform in style.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/