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Classification, application scope and preparation requirements of clean sheds

May 23, 2018

Clean shed is also known as clean work shed, dust-free kiosk and so on. The film is usually used as a surround. In fact, the clean shed is a simple clean room which can be quickly assembled in a short time. It has the characteristics of fast installation, short construction cycle, low price, convenient movement and so on. It can control the main production process in a small environment, which is an ideal choice for the clean room set at present.


1. Classification of clean sheds:

At present, the types of clean shed are becoming more and more abundant on the market, which provides more choices for users. It mainly includes ordinary curtain type, glass structure type, steel plate structure type, air conditioning type, modular combination type, antistatic type, and self wind spray type.


2. The application scope of the clean shed:

Because of the convenient use of construction, its application range is also expanding. At present, it has been widely used in electronics, precision instrument processing, pharmaceutical, medical and food industries, and these industries can not be small clean equipment.


3. Clean shed product preparation:

For clean shed, the main components include frame, antistatic curtain, fan filter unit FFU and so on. In general, the frame is made of industrial aluminum or stainless steel, iron square spray and so on as raw materials. It can ensure that the frame is stable, beautiful, not rusty, and no dust is produced. The antistatic curtain or toughened glass is used around it, which can strengthen the anti static effect. At the same time, it has the advantages of high transparency, clear grid, good flexibility, no deformation and easy aging.


In addition, the centrifugal fan is often configured in the clean shed. The fan has the characteristics of long service life, small noise, maintenance free, small vibration, and stepless speed change. With the unique design of the duct, the efficiency and noise of the fan are greatly improved. Moreover, the clean shed is especially suitable for the areas with high local purification requirements in the workshop, such as the pipeline operation area. In addition, special purifying lamps for purifying rooms are used internally, and no dust is produced.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/