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Clean and clean room technology applications

May 16, 2017

Air speed / clean room air changes, has been paid close attention to the problems in the design of clean room, clean room with control effect of pollution sources and increase the final filter efficiency, recommended or provided by the relevant reference standards and guidelines such as whether the value is conservative, there has been a lot of discussion; the application of FFU in people worried about the noise, damage repair and other issues have been resolved in practice, with the continuous improvement of the FFU, is also a focus on whether the use of FFU air system: airborne molecular contamination (AMC) control in microelectronics and IC industry has been on the agenda, attention. The following questions are summarized and analyzed.

Sure to clean indoor cleanliness under the airflow velocity, with the clean room use varies according to the specific situation, it is not only affected by the indoor dust content and filter efficiency is also affected by other factors, industrial clean room, factors affecting the cleanliness and air velocity is the main choice:

(1) indoor pollution sources: building components, personnel quantities and operation activities, process equipment, process materials and process, processing itself are the source of dust particles, depending on the circumstances, vary greatly;

(2) the indoor air flow pattern and distribution requirements: unidirectional flow streamline uniform, equal, but will be subject to interference process and equipment layout and location changes and personnel activities such as the formation of local vortex; instead of unidirectional flow requires filling mixing, avoid dead ends and the temperature stratification.