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Clean bench including several types?

Dec 23, 2017

In order to adapt to different job requirements, so the user needs to select the appropriate clean bench combined with the actual situation. Different types of clean workstations have different characteristics, here we come together to understand the main types of its under, hoping to deepen everyone's understanding, in order to pick out their own clean workbench.


The first common clean bench is vertical flow purification. The so-called vertical flow purification, in fact, refers to the use of vertical unidirectional flow purification principle of the form of air, the plenum, low noise centrifugal fan and high efficiency filter together to form a unit-type structure. In this way, during actual use, the user can effectively control the impact of vibration through the separate workbench.


Therefore, when using this clean bench, it can make the cleanliness of the site environment meet the international standards. And the operating table is made of stainless steel, with adjustable air volume and low noise fan system, to ensure normal and stable wind speed. The second is the horizontal stream purification form. This approach is mainly used for biological pharmaceuticals, instruments, defense precision instruments, food, electronics, sterile microbial testing and other industries.


This shows that, in fact, this form of clean bench belongs to a purification equipment for high cleanliness requirements, which not only improve yield, but also help to improve product quality. The last one belongs to bio-clean bench. In practical application, it is mainly used in electronics, biology, medicine and other industries.


This form of clean bench has push-pull door glass, so staff can observe it. In a clean air stream, this clean bench can contaminate items in an efficient manner, while horizontal unidirectional airflow and sterilization can be used to ensure that items on each shelf meet production requirements.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com