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Clean Engineering Company Analyses Maintenance of Food Purification Workshop

Sep 23, 2019

As a professional clean Engineering company, we have rich experience in the design, construction and installation of various clean engineering, so we have to consult the clean engineering company about the maintenance of the typical clean Engineering of food purification workshop.

As for the maintenance of food purification workshop, clean engineering company should emphasize the importance of differentiating and maintaining all kinds of processing equipment in the project so as to ensure that food equipment will not be polluted twice, so as to maintain the ideal cleanliness. Of course, there are specific measures to be mastered in this regard.

Clean Engineering Company pointed out that in order to meet the requirements of clean engineering, all dust-producing equipment such as crusher and tablet press should be equipped with dust collector or to prevent dust from polluting food, equipment and environment.

Clean engineering company also reminds customers that in the process, the equipment using gas is the equipment that contacts with food or food packaging materials directly, so the gas also needs to be filtered and sterilized through the terminal to ensure good cleanliness.

In addition, the food production process will also involve some bottle washing or other food packaging cleaning equipment, so clean engineering companies require users not to ignore the cleanliness of process water, generally using disinfected tap water or purified water.

In addition, the Clean Engineering Company tells you that in the clean room or the controlled place where the food dynamic disinfector is installed, the functions can be purified and the relative pressure difference can be maintained by purifying air conditioning or ventilation system, so as to prevent dust diffusion and cross-contamination.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/