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Clean Engineering Company Introduces the Preparatory Process of Clean Engineering Decoration in Electronic Factory

Mar 29, 2019

Clean engineering company to introduce the basic preparation process of clean engineering decoration in the electronic factory, first of all, we should be familiar with the length, width and total area of the workshop, preferably familiar with the general building plan of the workshop; understand how many floors the workshop is located on, a total of several floors; what floor is the ground.


Generally speaking, the common ground is mostly leveled, and most of them have not established anti-static system, which can not meet the anti-static requirements of the electronic clean workshop; and it is necessary to know whether there are conductive grounding terminals, if there is a future follow-up to establish an anti-static system of the electronic clean workshop, if there is no need to establish.


Secondly, we should know whether there are air conditioners and humidifiers in the workshop. If there are no air conditioners and humidifiers, it will not be able to meet the requirements of temperature and humidity control in the decoration of the electronic purification workshop. If there is no air extraction system in the workshop, it will not be able to meet the requirements of the reflow furnace and other equipment. Understand whether there is enough electricity in the workshop to meet the electricity demand of the previous equipment in the workshop.


Clean Engineering Company emphasizes that the whole workshop must have more than two entrances and exits in order to meet the requirements of equipment, semi-finished products and raw materials, and must have a special fire-fighting channel; special material warehouse must have a good lighting condition in another workshop, otherwise it can not meet the lighting brightness requirements of all workplaces in the electronic clean workshop.