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Clean installation company how to check cleanroom purification process and quality

Jun 12, 2018

Clean room engineering construction should be combined with the actual situation, and then comply with the relevant standards, standards, according to specific detailed construction drawings to formulate the construction plan, the whole construction process of purification works step by step, to ensure that the quality of the clean workshop construction can meet the requirements and achieve the desired results. Therefore, a professional cleaning installation company is required to help you check the purification process and quality of the clean room.


When the clean installation company works in the clean room construction, the basic process is like this, first the line measurement, and the surface of the clean room engineering, then the ventilation pipe installation, the clean room engineering enclosure structure installation, the clean room project smallpox installation, the clean room project PVC floor construction, the instrument and equipment safety. Installation, ventilation and tuyere installation. Finally, the equipment and the whole system are debugged.


Clean installation company needs to carry out a comprehensive inspection of clean room before tearing the film. The inspection project includes the installation of all ventilation pipes, air conditioner equipment, doors and windows and so on, and the related records are made. Another thing to note is that cleaning and gluing must be carried out synchronously, and the roof and wall panels will be torn off after installation.


The installation of ceiling in clean room cleaning project needs to be emphasized by the clean installation company. First, according to all the hanging points determined, the size of the hanger is calculated, and the model of the main keel is determined according to the distance between the hanging points, in order to ensure the ceiling load to meet the standard requirements. And strictly control the connection of the hanger and the floor to ensure vertical and non falling off, and the installation level of the main keel and the T keel.


In addition, the clean installation company also also said that the construction method of clean room engineering, the color steel plate used in the project is prefabricated building plate, can not be long, but narrow and not wide. Make a big face with small pieces and live once. Only by ensuring the accuracy of every plate location can we ensure the quality of all plate installation and the installation quality of spare parts.


In addition, it is necessary to ensure the connection between the coloured steel plate and the smallpox keel, the connection of plate and plate, and the connection between the plate and the fittings. It is the main link to ensure the safe use of the plate. It is necessary to complete the connection of each point carefully to ensure the overall reliability and ensure the progress of the whole project. http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/