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Clean Installation Company Reminds About Electrostatic Prevention in Purification Project

Mar 31, 2019

Clean installation company reminds us that in the purification project, first of all, from the perspective of the mechanism of static electricity generation, we should start with reducing the insulation of the object concerned, which will make the two objects do not produce or produce less static electricity even if they are frictioned. There are some main measures for this.


For example, we need to keep the environment humid. Practice has proved that in the north or in the dry winter, the cases of static electricity faults are far greater than in the southeast coastal areas or other seasons, so we should pay attention to some important places, such as computer rooms, laboratories, electronic equipment assembly and adjustment workshop should consider the problem of maintaining a certain humidity, especially for those closed air-conditioning rooms. Equipment that controls humidity.


Or you can lay anti-static floor or carpet in clean space. At present, this kind of plastic floor or carpet products with certain conductivity can effectively suppress static electricity generated by human walking. The use of ion guns, ion heads, ion rods and other facilities to prevent static electricity within a certain range.


Semiconductor devices in clean workshops should be placed in antistatic plastic holders or antistatic plastic bags. This antistatic holder has good conductivity and can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity. Of course, conditional storage should be placed in a metal container or wrapped in foil. Operators should wear anti-static hand straps on their wrists, which should have good grounding performance. This measure is the most effective.wxrfcleanroom.com