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Clean Installation Company Reminds Installation of Goods to Be Prepared

Mar 07, 2019

Clean installation company is specialized in clean engineering, clean equipment installation institutions, in this regard has a very rich experience, in order to ensure the normal use of clean engineering, its installation must be completed by professional clean installation company.


Before the clean installation company starts its operation, the first thing to do is to prepare the corresponding installation equipment, materials and other related documents. For example, we should prepare the design documents, design change instructions, relevant agreements and completion drawings for the installation of clean projects, and the quality inspection and evaluation forms for the various projects installed.


In addition, the main materials, equipment, adjusting device, automatic control system and other factory certificates or inspection documents for equipment installation; pipeline pressure test records, pipeline system blowing and washing records, air duct leak detection records, intermediate acceptance sheets and completion acceptance sheets are also the items required by the clean installation company to be prepared beforehand.


From the past experience of clean installation company, the air inlet system and return air system must be installed in clean engineering. The air inlet system includes fresh air filter box, Central purification air conditioning, high efficiency air outlet and, if necessary, purifying booster box. The return air system is composed of return air outlet, filter primary effector, and intermediate return air box.


Clean installation companies will also install electronic interlocking devices in the buffer zone. In addition, vertical laminar flow workbench, laminar flow hood, clean shed, self-purifier and other devices need to be installed in areas where the local requirement of clean Engineering reaches 10-1000 level to ensure that a higher level of cleanliness can be achieved.www.wxrfcleanroom.com