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Clean installation company's main construction procedures for purification and installation works

Nov 28, 2018

At present, there are basically two kinds of clean installation projects for clean installation companies: one is the so-called "civil" type, that is, the decoration and decoration of the clean room is carried out after the masonry plastering works of walls and ceiling are completed; the other is the assembly type, that is, after the construction of the outer protective structure of the clean room is completed, the purchased metal panels are assembled. It is the partition wall and ceiling of each cleaning room (area). Whatever form is used, the decoration and decoration of the purification room are mostly undertaken by professional clean installation companies, rather than by civil construction units.


In order to avoid contamination after decoration and decoration of the purification room (district) and ensure the purification management of the construction process, the main structure and roof of the workshop should be completed and accepted before the construction of the decoration and decoration project of the purification workshop. Among them, the main structure of the workshop should include not only the structural engineering of the purification workshop, but also the peripheral protective knot of the workshop. It includes exterior walls, doors and windows, etc.


Due to the purification requirements of decoration and decoration in the purification workshop, in order to ensure the construction quality of the project, the "norm" has made stricter general provisions on its construction conditions and construction site management, which should be carefully observed in the construction of specific projects, and the cleaning management of the construction site of decoration and decoration project in the purification workshop should be well done. Personnel management to ensure orderly and clean construction process.


In order to ensure the quality of painting works, clean installation companies should carefully check and confirm the condition of the base before painting, such as whether the maintenance of the base meets the design requirements, surface smoothness, verticality and abnormal surface conditions, etc. If not, the quality of the coating will be affected.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/