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Clean installation company shares clean room air filter replacement cycle

Aug 22, 2018

The Clean Installation Company said that the clean room has strict requirements on the humidity, temperature, fresh air volume, state and illumination of the environment, so the entire clean room system will be equipped with a three-stage filter air purification system with primary, intermediate and high-efficiency filters, used to control the number of dust particles and precipitation in the clean area. The number of bacteria and planktonic bacteria was reduced.


In this whole system, as the end filter device, high-efficiency filter determines the operation of the whole purification system, so clean installation company stressed that the replacement cycle of high-efficiency filter is very important. To determine if it needs to be replaced, you can touch the air filter outlet filter material by hand, if you have more dust on your hands, you should prepare to replace it.


Or look at the color of the filter material on the upper and lower wind side of the air filter, such as the filter material on the outlet surface will be ready for replacement if the color splitter becomes black. Cleanliness of the clean room can not meet the design requirements, or show negative pressure, in the junior high-efficiency air filter did not arrive at the time of replacement, it may be high-efficiency air filter resistance, to prepare for replacement.


Clean installation company said that in the high-efficiency air filter did not reach the final resistance under the premise, the pressure difference between the clean room and the adjacent room decreased significantly, it may be secondary filtration resistance is too large, to prepare for replacement. In addition, the best replacement period can be summed up according to the change status of air filter recorded many times.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/