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Clean room personnel purification and material purification

May 16, 2017

1, clean plant should be set up personnel purification, materials purification room and facilities, and should be based on the needs of the living room and other rooms.

2, personnel purification room and living room settings should comply with the following provisions:

2.1 should set storage room for cleaning umbrellas, shoes, jackets, save clean clothes and other personnel replacement.

2.2 toilet, bathroom, shower room, lounge and other living room, air shower, airlock, washing and drying clothes can be set according to need.

3 the design of personnel purification rooms and living rooms shall meet the following requirements:

3.1 clean room shall be provided at the entrance of personnel cleaning room.

3.2 rooms with changing clothes and changing clean work clothes shall be set separately.

3.3 wardrobe lockers should be designed with one cabinet per person, and clean work clothes should be hung in clean cabinet with air shower.

3.4 toilets should be provided with hand washing and drying facilities.

3.5 the air shower room should be located at the entrance of the clean area, adjacent to the clean clothes room and the changing room. Single air shower at the maximum class size of 30 people a. When there are more than 5 workers in the clean area, a bypass door should be installed on the side of the air shower room.

3.6 is strict to the 5 level of the vertical unidirectional flow clean room are advised to set up airlock.

3.7 no toilet is allowed in the clean area. Personnel purifying indoor toilets should be provided before.

4, the flow line shall comply with the following provisions:

4.1, the flow route should avoid reciprocating intersection.

4.2 personnel purification room and living room layout should be arranged by personnel purification procedures.

5, according to the number of different air cleanliness level and staff room and living room construction area should be reasonably determined decontaminationpersonnel in cleanroom, and are advised by the average number of each cleanroom design 2M2 - 42m2 calculation.

6, clean work clothes, changing rooms, washing room air purification requirements should be based on product technology requirements and adjacent clean room (zone) air cleanliness class determination.

7, clean room equipment and materials access, should be based on the nature of equipment materials, shapes and other characteristics of the material purification room and facilities. The layout of the material cleaning room shall prevent contamination of the material after purification.