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Clean room to meet the cleanliness requirements of the prerequisites

May 16, 2017

Clean room clean to achieve good results, not only to take reasonable measures and requirements of air purification, technology, construction and other major measures: not only to have reasonable design, but also to meet the construction industry standards, and the use of clean room right and scientific management. In order to make clean room has a good effect. This article briefly discusses the following points:

1, air supply cleanliness

To ensure the air cleanliness, air tightness is installed, the sealing tank must ensure liquid tight joints and the whole frame are in the same horizontal plane. The outer periphery of the filter is vacuum sealed and static pressure box and frame joints under the negative pressure condition.

2. Airflow structure

Air distribution of clean room and air-conditioned room is different, it will require the clean air to the first operating position, its role is to limit and reduce the pollution of production. Therefore, in the design of airflow organization should consider these principles: minimize eddy current, avoid pollution into the work area outside the work area; try to avoid dust flying two times to reduce dust pollution on the chance of the workpiece; the work area to flow as uniform as possible, and the wind speed to meet the technical and health requirements, when the gas flows to return air flow to make the dust in the air can be effectively taken away. According to the different requirements of cleanliness, choose different delivery, return air way.

3, vertical one-way flow: can obtain uniform downward airflow, easy to process equipment layout, self purification ability, can simplify the body purification facilities.