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Cleaning and Working Conditions of Clean Zone of Transfer Window

Apr 06, 2019

If the transfer window is managed according to the cleanliness level of the high-level clean area, for example, the transfer window connected between the spray yard and the filling room should be managed effectively according to the requirements of the filling room. After work, the operator of the clean area is responsible for cleaning the inner surfaces of the transfer window and beating them.Turn on the ultraviolet sterilization lamp for 30 minutes.


Material entering and leaving the clean area of transfer window must be strictly separated from the human flow channel in the process of use. In the case of material entering and leaving in the special material channel of the production workshop, the person in charge of the raw and auxiliary materials preparation process organizes the personnel to unpackage or clean the appearance, and then the raw and auxiliary materials are sent to the temporary storage room of the workshop through the transfer window.


In the operation of effective transmission through its transfer window, the use of the transfer window must strictly implement the internal and external doors, "one open, one close" provisions, two doors can not be opened at the same time, while opening the external door effectively put the material into the first closed, then open the internal door to take out the material.


When the materials in the clean area of the transfer window are sent out, they need to be transported to the relevant material intermediate station in the process of use, and then the clean area is effectively removed according to the reverse procedure of the material entry and exit time. All semi-finished products are transported from the clean area, and they need to be transported from the transfer window to the external temporary storage room through the logistics channel to the outer packing room.


The materials and wastes which are easily polluted by the transfer window in operation should be transported from its special transfer window to the non-clean area in the course of use. After the material is in and out, the site and the sanitation of the transfer window in each clearing room or intermediate station should be cleaned up in time.www.wxrfcleanroom.com