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Cleaning table and its electrical safety matters needing attention

Sep 11, 2018

Purification stations are suitable for indoor use, so do not use outdoors, and set away from high-speed dust sources and seismic sources to ensure its stable operation. Because the purifier does not have explosion-proof ability, it is not allowed to be used in inflammable and explosive occasions; at the same time, we should try to avoid the use of wet, dew, dusty and fume places.


When cleaning, maintaining and purifying the table, do not choose volatile oil, diluent, etc. to scrub the body, to avoid damaging paint dust or causing paint dust discoloration. At the same time to prevent the impact of glass, to avoid damage; in addition to ensure that repair space and facilitate the replacement of fans, filters and electrical components, circuit repair.


As for the electrical safety of the purifying table, the equipment should be put in place before wiring and plugging. At the same time, the extra voltage and frequency of the equipment should be confirmed to be equal to the parameters of the input power supply.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/